Final Assignment

The Horrors are a band from Southend, England formed in 2005. They released their debut album Strange House, which reached number 37 on the UK Albums Chart in 2007. Their second album Primary Colours was released in 2009 and reached number 25 in the UK. The band have also guest starred in TV comedy The Mighty Boosh, under the pseudonym “The Black Tubes.”

Band history
Origins (2005 – 2006)
The Horrors have their origin in the early 2000s where they became interested in obscure vinyl and DJing. During trips to London and on the Southend circuit, Rhys “Spider” Webb met Faris Badwan (Faris Rotter) and Tom Cowan (Tomethy Furse) through their shared interests in ’60s garage rock and New Wave and Post punk influences such as The Birthday Party and Bauhaus, and in 2005 the three formed a band with Joshua Hayward (Joshua Von Grimm, Joshua Third) and Joseph Spurgeon (Coffin Joe). The band formed around Junkclub, an underground club founded by Oliver Abbott and Rhys. Their first rehearsal consisted of two covers: The Sonics’ “The Witch” and Screaming Lord Sutch’s “Jack the Ripper” (heavily influenced by previous cover versions by The Fuzztones, One-Way Streets and The Gruesomes) – the latter would later find itself as track one on the band’s debut album. The Horrors made their first ever live performance at The Spread Eagle on Kingsland Road in London on 16 August 2005 at a night they put on themselves under the guise of The Brothers Grimm. They played with one other band, London’s new wave punk pop band LR Rockets.

The Horrors first gained noticeable exposure thanks to their debut single “Sheena Is a Parasite.” Their second release, “Death at the Chapel,” a high-profile show at London’s 100 Club in July 2006, and an appearance on the cover of the NME in August, greatly increased their profile. As a result of this exposure, the band played the NME Awards Indie Rock Tour in early 2007 along with Mumm-Ra, The View and The Automatic which helped them to gain further publicity.

Strange House (2007-2008)
Having released their debut album Strange House in March 2007, The Horrors played a world tour to promote it. A slot as a support act for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in the USA in the summer was cancelled due to lack of funds[2], and the band instead headlined a US tour in June. They made a number of festival appearances throughout 2007, including appearances at the Glastonbury Festival, the Carling Weekend (on the Radio 1/NME stage), various Scandinavian festivals, the Summer Sonic Festival in Japan, and Splendour in the Grass in Australia; their setlists throughout the summer contained a cover of “No Love Lost” by Joy Division. The Horrors also appeared in the third series of The Mighty Boosh in December as the fictional band The Black Tubes, and supported the Arctic Monkeys on their sell-out arena tour of the UK, at which they predictably received a mixed reception. The band played an NME Awards show in 2008 with Crystal Castles, Ulterior and These New Puritans, and supported The Sonics on 23 March, their last London show until their appearance at Bethnal Green’s Rich Mix on 23 May of the following year. On January 18, Counting in Fives, a documentary of the band’s 2007 tour of the USA, was unveiled at the Sundance Film Festival.

Primary Colours (2009 – Present)
At the end of 2007, The Horrors announced the forthcoming recording of a new album. The album was produced by the band, Craig Silvey, Geoff Barrow of Portishead[5], and music video director Chris Cunningham. Recording took place in Bath during the summer of 2008. The band were forced to pull out of their planned appearance at the Underage Festival due to recording schedule conflicts. The band signed to XL Recordings after they left Loog Records in 2007. The only release from the band between the “She Is the New Thing” single in June 2007 and the new material in 2009 was a cover of Suicide’s “Shadazz,” released by Blast First Petite as part of their tribute to Alan Vega in October 2008. A few weeks before the new album’s release, a number of songs from the album were leaked. The album’s first single, “Sea Within a Sea,” was released as a digital download-only single on 17 March 2009. A music video for the song, directed by Douglas Hart (former bassist for The Jesus and Mary Chain), was also posted on the band’s website on the same day. The second album Primary Colours was officially released 4 May 2009 to critical acclaim and reached #25 on the UK Albums Chart. The single “Who Can Say” was released on 7″ vinyl one week later. Primary Colours was nominated for the 2009 Mercury Prize. NME later gave the album first place in the 50 Best Albums of 2009.

After headlining London’s Offset Festival and touring Primary Colours, The Horrors have said that they would like to build their own studio, so they can record at obscure hours.

Unknown Third Studio Album (2010 – Present)
In April 2010 singer, Faris Badwan announced on their official forums that the band have already started working on their third album and have been in the studio for a month now. A track that may be included on the new album, “Endless Blue”, was first unveiled at Off Festival.

Band members
Faris Badwan; vocals formerly known as Faris Rotter.
Joshua Hayward, guitar also known as Joshua Third, formerly Joshua Von Grimm.
Tom Cowan, synthesizer (on Primary Colours), bass (on Strange House), formerly known as Tomethy Furse.
Rhys Webb, bass (on Primary Colours), organs (on Strange House), formerly known as Spider Webb.
Joseph Spurgeon, drums formerly known as Coffin Joe.
Temporary band members
Freddie Cowan (Tom’s brother and guitarist with The Vaccines) – guitar, replacing Joshua Third for several gigs when he was taking his exams

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Assignment 03: Part 02- Evening Wear

Women Evening Wear

Look 01: 

spring 2011 ready-to-wear 
Chanel – Runway

Wearing black midi dress and modern shoes,This will add all the more mystery to         your look and also look gorgeous.

Look 02:

pre-fall 2010 Christian Dior

So sweet and romantic, the satin fabric showed soft and light.  The shape liked a mermaid. 

Look 03:

pre-fall 2010 -Chloé

This black long dress showed body of lady, small waist and chest. 

Look 04:

Pre-fall 2010: J. Mendel

Yellow color shows the bright and fresh. A lady with long hair and strapless long dress looked so beautiful.

Look 05:

Pre-fall 2010- Oscar de la Renta

Short hair shows chic and fashionable look. Blue long dress with strapless matched with necklace. 

Men Evening Wear

Look 01:

spring 2011 menswear – Emporio Armani

Black suit and trousers is so farmal but this trosers appear activate look as well.

Look 02:

spring 2011 menswear -Duckie Brown

New style with roll up pant and suit. It’s can make formal look more fashionable

Look 03:

spring 2011 menswear -Gucci

A man with white suit and trousers, See the button on suit, it matched with bag, shoes, and eye glasses.

Look 04:

spring 2011 menswear -Roberto Cavalli

Red suit and Blue jeans make people who wearing it look cool and mix it with blue shirt

it’s make this look sexy and playful. 

 Look 05:


spring 2011 menswear- Yohji Yamamoto

Purple color create romantic and  mystery feel. Shirt is grey, it’s matched with suit and trousers

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Assignment 03: Part 01- Casual Wear

This entry is about the important looks for women and men

Women Casual Wear

Look 01: 

Resort 2010
Oscar de la Renta – Runway

This dress matched with hat and shoes in the same color tone. Modern dress with                 v-neck- bow tie, fit-flare skirt, and long puff sleeve shirt

Look 02-

Pre-Fall 2010
Nina Ricci – Runway

Red bag matched with dress. A lady looked so chic and sexy with mini dress and black stockings and shoes.

Look 03: 

Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear
Louis Vuitton – Runway

A lady looked so smart with brown shirt – dress and big golden belt.

Look 04:

Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
Alice + Olivia – Runway

Go to party with mini dress with lace fabric.  Classic retro with circle skirt and modern   with strapless dress

Look 05:

Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Carven – Runway

Mini dress with cotton fabric in summer, sweater and mini-dress in winter

Men Casual Wear

Look 01:

spring 2011 menswear – D&G

A man with undershirt and long trousers, he looked so simple and nice in spring.

Look 02:

spring 2011 menswear – Dior Homme

Modern shirt:   V- neck with non- sleeve shirt, looked like samurai shirt.  But the shirt looked like smart and chic.

Look 03:

spring 2011 menswear – Pual Smith
Absolutely gorgeous, with undershirt – short sleeve, polka dot trousers, hat and black booth shoes

Look 04:

spring 2011 menswear-Versace

Modern short hair with slim leg trousers, mesh collar showed sexy. The accessories: belt matched with necklace and shoes

Look 05:

spring 2011 menswear-  Bottega Veneta
Chinese style: Kung Fu trousers with modern shirt. East and West design. A man looked strong              and smart.





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 James Dean 


James Dean was born in 1931 and raised on a farm by his aunt and uncle in Fairmount, Indiana. After grade school, he moved to New York to pursue his dream of acting. He received rave reviews for his work as the blackmailing Arab boy in the New York production of Gide’s “The Immoralist”, good enough to earn him a trip to Hollywood.

Dean’s first television experience came in the form of a 1950 Pepsi commercial — a far cry from his first big screen debut five years later in Elia Kazan’s East of Eden. His role as the angsty outcast Cal Trask was a prelude to achieving full-blown stardom in Rebel Without a Cause.

The brooding young actor gained international fame playing Jim Stark, a teenager who, as the title implies, can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Dean had a classic greaser look with slicked-back hair, jeans and a tight white T-shirt that was capped off not with a black leather jacket but a red windbreaker, and of course, a cigarette dangling from his mouth.  It may not seem cutting-edge by today’s style icon standards, but his rebellious look marked a definite departure from predominantly preppy and buttoned-up midcentury styles.


Life imitated art with James Dean carrying that brazen image into his everyday existence. A taste for fast cars was conveniently accompanied by fame and fortune that allowed him luxuries like a Porsche 356 Speedster, which he later traded in for the more exclusive — and faster — 550 Spyder model. Not surprisingly, Dean had a habit of racing his pricey investments. It was the natural complement to his all-American bad boy persona. But as luck would have it, life in the fast lane ultimately led to an untimely demise at the ripe young age of 24.

Dean’s legacy, however, far outlives his short time on Earth for one simple reason — he embodied the essence of cool. He was one of the first male actors who garnered as much attention from women as he did from men. And while James Dean’s sexual past remains shrouded in mystery to this day, one thing is clear: Everyone either wanted him or wanted to be like him.

Inspiration from James Dean’s look 

A revival of the NY gang style with a great influence from James Dean have been featured in the stylish UK GQ magazine.



Bottega Veneta – MEN ’S FALL-WINTER 2010/2011

credits to :

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get out into the city and get the streetstyle (:

Platform Shoes

Minimal Colour

Denim Shirt

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